As times passes, it has become more and more obvious that every people tend to derive their sense of self or identity through everything but themselves. Everyone looks to be running after obtaining something that will make them happy.

But looking at other people and myself especially, it’s now extremely obvious that whatever we achieve, it will never be enough. Everytime it seems like so, but it is never the case in the end. We are happy for a while, after being carried all over the place to obtain whatever we desired so bad then we start thinking about the next thing. This is a self fulfilling quest that has no end, and you should not waste more time following it. Why?

Because your ego, your mind created self can always be improved, there is always something to strive for. Your psychological self is nothing but a bundle of your past experiences, your current conditions and your goals and aspirations that you take to be you. But it is not you and the reason you’re suffering is because you are looking at the wrong place. You are looking to find yourself in the external world when yourself is located within.

Nothing and noone can make you feel complete. Even the most desirable thing that you want to achieve, manifest or whatever, that thing is inevitably going to come with a bitter taste after a while. The only quest I’m inviting you to participate in, is the quest within you.

The journey to discover your true self, and win it back. The journey to unravel everything that you take to be you, to finally see beneath all of that, who you really are. It’s like you’ve been unconsciously creating a web with lies, beliefs and thoughts for such a long time that you take them to be true. The person has been here for so long that it’s impossible that it isn’t you, right?

There is not a thought that is more true than another .However, the silence itself is the only thing that is true, authentic and genuine. 

It is in the silence that you can remember who you are. Because a thought is only an idea that you have about yourself. You have forgotten who you are, and you feel like you absolutely need to think about who you are, to know that you indeed are.

You need to labelize everything about your own existence but also everything around you. You need to know who you’re going to vote for in the next elections. You need to know how you react in any given situations and for some people you need exactly to know how your loved one should be. And as soon as you come up with something that is not explainable and/or understandable,  depending on which side you are on, you will say that it is the work of God or that it’s pure science that has yet to be explained.

It is impossible for you to live in a world where there is something that you can’t put a name on. « That’s a chair » « That’s the boy I broke up with. » « This is that terrible coworker I was with for so long. » etc. You put name and concepts on everything including yourself, and it certainly gives you a sense of understanding your surroundings but it comes with a cost. You loose yourself in the world of names, and you loose Yourself  in the process.

You are trying to make sense of who you are, but it is this very logical process that prevents you from finding it. Who you truly are goes beyond words. It cannot be explained. Some people think that for example if someone gets angry at them they should always be reacting a certain way.

This is pure mental identification. When you are aligned with who you are and you are conscious of it, there is no manual of Mr or Mrs X. And that’s scary. The quest that I’m inviting you to, is actually a quest to find yourself back but also to give up on this futile battle to understanding everything.

When you say that you are: Do you need to think about it? Do you need to conceptualize it? You just are, and there is nothing to understand.

If you can manage to fully accept that you don’t know who you are and being comfortable with it, then you have found yourself.

More time, more experiences, more meditation practice isn’t going to make you reach that point but that, you will need to understand it for yourself. Yourself is always here, it never leaves you. There is nothing to get or achieve because it’s already present. How couldn’t it? If it wasn’t, you couldn’t be reading my words.

Within you there is something that does not change. It does not change wether you become more intelligent, smarter or dumb and uglier. It doesn’t even change if you get a raise, buy the house you wanted or finally find the partner after so many years being single. Find that within you that does not change, and you have found yourself. The rest will only be ripples on the surface of the water. It will possibly make you happy or sad, but they will never define you.

They will simply be experiences you go through. Skills you learn and people you meet.

You will aswell, no longer give so much importance to what people are thinking of you, or if you’re succeeding or failling in life. Before they were your only ways to feel like you’re existing, but now they’re nothing but things happening to you or around you. People can be laughing and mocking you as much as they want, life can be throwing you in so many situations but all of this « bad » things wouldn’t shake your inner peace throught the storm.

Love to you all. 😀

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Jérémy Bec

24 ans et vivant dans le sud de la France ma mission de vie m'amène naturellement à partager ce que je vis en vérité à l'intérieur avec les gens autour de moi. Sur le chemin de mon éveil spirituel, en quête de vérité intérieure j'aide les gens qui souffrent sur ce chemin d'épuration souvent douloureux pour les aider à voir que la vie a toujours été de notre côté même si nous avons toujours pensé l'inverse.

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