Hello, today I would like to talk about something that is often overlooked when manifesting.

You don’t know clearly and precisely enough what you want to manifest.

This mistake alone is not apparent when you start creating consciously but after a while it becomes clearer. You’ve successfully manifested what you want but it also comes with things you don’t want.

Let me explain this simply. If your plan is to manifest your ideal partner, you often imagine what you’ll do with this partner. Where you’ll go together, what you’ll do etc. But have you ever thought about her mother? Or her familly in general? How is her career going? What hobbies she might have?

You finally manifest that dream partner but it ends up you cannot get along with her mother or someone close to her. It might even be that really close friend which you can’t like for some reason (and so does her/him). In turn that friend might make your relationship difficult because she/he does not want you to stay with her/his friend. And you end up alone again even more depressed after tasting happiness.

In the case of money. Many people want to be wealthy. But very rarely people define exactly what is wealthy for them and not for society and others, this is crucial. Is it a stable income like 2000€ a month or 3000? Is it 200 000€ sitting in your bank account? Is it having won the lottery and having to manage millions?

It’s very different from people to people. Some people would rather win a good amount of money and get it over with. On the other hand some people would prefer finding a meaningful career and get a really nice paycheck from it. Some people are fine with what they have and don’t desire a lot more than what they already have, except having a little bit more money here and there to buy things they desire.

And even then, when people have said they want to manifest a certain amount of money, most of them don’t really know what’s going to happen when this amount finally reaches their hands and bank account.

I will win a lot of money to buy this and that and then I will see what to do next. I just want to feel safe.

If you were totally connected to the universe and if you weren’t blocking the abundance coming to you this is what would happen into your life.

I get what I need to have, when I need to have it.

Read and read over and over again this statement until it penetrates every corner of your consciousness.

Because the ego does not see further than his nose it wants to accumulate wealth to feel safe. However your higher self knows exactly what you need, and if you need money to go on with your life, you will have it. If you need money to buy a house for you and your kids you will have it. If you need money to pay your college tuition you will get it. The universe will always supply you with whatever you need at every moment of your life. Both the good and the bad.

If you plan on manifesting the lottery know exactly what you’re going to do with that money. Do you know which lawyer you’re going to call once you’ve won? Do you know how taxes are handled with millions on your bank account? What happens if you want to give money to your friends and familly, do you have a specific protocol to follow after a specific threshold? Do you know how your next house will look like? Have you ever spent time browsing on internet houses built at your desired location and/or even visiting them? Can you expect how your relationships are going to change with that amount of money? Can you expect the unexpectable?

Unless you have a clear reason behind every manifestation everything that looks foggy and uncertain will come to you in a uncertain way. If you want to win a lot of money but you haven’t a clear idea about what you’re going to do with it, it will be difficult to visualize it but also to manifest it.

The manifestation process is simple. You ask, believe and you receive. But you have to be careful about what you ask. Because what you ask might come into your life and it could bring you a lot of troubles. It might not seem like so at first when it is only in your head, but having a lot of money can make your relationships tedious. The correct partner might pushes your buttons so much you won’t be able to bear it anymore (even though it’s for your own good). Money and love are clear and broad examples at the same time. They work for everyone and if you take the time to think about it you will see that there are many things you ignored that have to be taken care of.

After reading this, you might be thinking to yourself

But Jeremy, do I really have to think about everything??

No you don’t. What you need to do is being clear with your manifestation. You need to make enough research and think about it to make very clear to the universe what you want. You won’t need to think about everything that is going to happen when visualizing. Your visualization should be clear as water in your mind because it will be the utmost creation from your mind which contains precisely what you want.

You can send out a thought into the universe about manifesting something you desire. The universe will answer to you exactly like a mirror. You will get back what you’ve sent. If there are areas in your manifestations which need to be a certain way, be clear about it. If you don’t care about some areas, be clear about it and let the universe decide, but don’t blame it after getting something which isn’t like you wanted.

But at the same time don’t be dead serious about wanting something really specific and nothing else. Voice out your desire and know that the universe will send you what you asked or even better. You would be surprised by how well the universe knows you, and knows exactly what you mean when you say « this or even better. » 😉

This work is going to make your intention clearer and easier for your mind to digest. And it will be easier for you to follow your intuition because you know exactly what is at the end of the stick. This work also makes the manifestation more real to you. If you roughly think out loud what you want but don’t know precisely what it is, you will get something that won’t please you.

Now for you to integrate what I’ve said I want you to close your eyes and imagine in your head the following. You can choose to listen to my voice to help guiding you through this. It’s up to you. 🙂




You have a meeting with your angels and spirit guides. They are welcoming you with a big hug and you can feel their love overflowing into your own heart. No matter what you did, and no matter the problems that you have now they understand deeply what you’ve been going through and understand the human’s nature. They guide you to a door. It’s written

Working room

You open the door gently and you see a bright light in front of you which is both warm for your eyes and heart. In the middle of the room there is a table with a chair. On top of the table there is a paper. However as you look around there are lot of tools. Brushes, pen, pencils, star dust, anything you could think of. You can even check the type of paper you want to use. You know that these tools are yours and you pick up those that feel adequate for what you’re about to do. Follow your heart and intution. You already know what you need.

As you pick up your tools you can hear a subtle sound of water. You can see the source in the corner. The water is pure blue and the more you look at this beautiful water, the more you feel inspired to create what you really want.

You go and sit down in that comfy chair. You choose the tool that you like best and you start drawing. You are so inspired that ideas seem to be flowing into your consciousness without effort. The excitment and joy of creation feels so good that you start seeing one of your finest work taking its form in front of you. You switch colors and shapes in the most perfect ways and you can feel your hand moving on its own as you keep drawing. You are one with what you do and this creative work fills your heart with deep joy and excitment. You keep drawing in silence until you feel the urge to stop your work and admire it.

I did it. No.. we did. You helped me doing it, and you always helped me doing it. From now on, I will make the conscious effort to look at things around me: Materials, people, animals, plants, fruits, money, love and consider them as part of myself too. As long as I keep welcoming and receiving your gifts, I will forever walk knowing that I’m not alone and that you’re always there when I ask. You are rooting for my self expansion because you’ve created me and I know from the bottom of my heart that you desire nothing but the best for me. Thank you.

After standing up you can see your angels behind you. They look at you and your work and show one of the best smiles you’ve ever seen. You take your work and give it to them. As they’re holding your creation it starts shining to the point you can’t even see what’s there to see. Your angels pick this pure work of yours and stick it gently to the wall. They give you the sign that you have no worries regarding the future and that you’ve just created something wonderful not only for you but for the entire universe to witness. They are eager for you to see how this creation will manifest into your life and how much good it will bring to you and in consequence to your surroundings. What you’ve creating is a gift, so enjoy it!

Your energy’s frequency has changed and you’ve just tasted the entirety of what is about to unfold in the physical realm. You’ve just gave form to what didn’t have form in your mind. You are a true artist which is going to enligthen the universe. Wherever you go, here you are. A beautiful sunshine. And do you know what people like about sunshine? They like being close to it and feeling the warmth of it.

I had a great pleasure at writting and recording this. I hope this helps you at being guided to defining the object of your profound desires. Don’t scratch the surface. Go deep and don’t be shy to ask. The help is always there for you to ask. The material for your manifestation is always at your disposal. The only thing that you have to do is ask.

If you feel lost, ask for guidance. Ask the universe: your angels and guides to show you the way. They will always answer positively and if you make the conscious effort of asking to them while in despair they will help you breathing again. You’re not alone.

Peace and much love to you whoever you are. I don’t know who you are, but know that I love you and I’ll be also rooting for your success. After all, this why you are here right? To express to the world who you are. ❤

Jérémy Bec

24 ans et vivant dans le sud de la France ma mission de vie m'amène naturellement à partager ce que je vis en vérité à l'intérieur avec les gens autour de moi. Sur le chemin de mon éveil spirituel, en quête de vérité intérieure j'aide les gens qui souffrent sur ce chemin d'épuration souvent douloureux pour les aider à voir que la vie a toujours été de notre côté même si nous avons toujours pensé l'inverse.

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