Today we’re going to talk about a very interesting topic. The importance of finding a way to manifestation that will lead you to successful manifestation by learning how to let go.

Letting go and trusting the universe is in my opinion the most important thing to understand and apply. But it’s also the most difficult thing to do especially if your faith is really low and you can’t help but thinking about your manifestation all day and wonder if it’s going to happen or not.

Letting go: Why it’s essential and why it’s keeping you away from getting what you want.

People desire many things and it’s usually simple for them to find what they want (and also what they don’t want). They send to the universe the message that they want a specific thing to happen. But when the person doesn’t let go of what she or he wants, thoughts which are usually the total opposite of what they want arise in the mind.

I want to obtain an extra 500€ by the end of the month.

People really mean it. But then they send thoughts in the nature like :

Please Universe send me signs that money is on its way; How can I know if it’s coming or not?;Maybe I need to visualize more in order to manifest.

All of these thoughts are in firm opposition of your initial thought and decision. You emit that you know you want to obtain money and you know that it will happen but then you start wondering if it’s going to happen and you ask the universe for signs. Your vibration’s frequency has shifted from

I know.

to :

I’m almost sure it’s going to happen.

and guess what? When you’re almost sure something is bound to happen, the more you think about it the more you shift to « I really want this to happen. »  which is the universally way of saying :

 I don’t really trust this law of attraction thing, but please I really need it so universe/god listen to my prayer and manifest it.

Maybe you will manifest what you want but it’s very unlikely. Sometimes your higher self gives you a boost by manifesting things when you are in deep negativity to help you grow but generally speaking if you are not aligned on the same vibration of the thing that you want, you’re not going to get it, period.

Negativity breeds more negativity. Maybe you have rights to complain. Maybe life is unfair to you. But it does not change the fact that negativity leads to more negativity.

Letting go is the act of faith and detachment at the same time. I’m pretty sure you really need a lot of money because you’re probably in debt now! I’m also pretty sure you really want to meet the right partner. Whatever that is that you desire so much you are so dependable on the outcome that you just can’t let go of it.

You will want to manifest, but because you can’t live without the manifestation of your desires you can’t help but think about it a LOT. And this attachment prevents you from actually seeing what needs to be done for you to get what you want! You are so scared of loosing what you could acquire that it freezes you. The universe cannot contact you anymore because even if it did you would be afraid of the result not matching your needs.

There is this story told by Alan Watts about a little girl and her little bunny that illustrates very well this mechanic :

On her birthday her parents bought her a rabbit. She was really really happy, her smile was genuine and authentic. On the way home in the car she couldn’t stop hugging this cute little rabbit. She wouldn’t let it go. When they arrived home the parents realized the bunny was dead. Because the little girl hugged the rabbit too strongly it could not breathe anymore.

This is the same thing with manifestation. Don’t kill your manifestation because you can’t let it go. But hopefully what I’m going to tell you will help you finding that middle spot between cherishing your desires and knowing how to trust the universe.

How to workout and train your mind in order to let go

Here is something that you can use everyday to enhance your manifestation process. You need to understand very clearly that we are vibration beings. And that whatever you have now is a consequence of your past vibration state. Because of how you felt before you had certain thoughts which in turn led to manifest the reality that you’re experiencing now. If you can’t get what you want and it just seems not to manifest it means you were not on the same vibration frequency, period. Maybe you were during certain periods but you were also like I said before, in a complete different vibration frequency most of the time by thinking the opposite of what you wanted.

It’s like planting seeds into the ground and coming back every minute to check if it has fully grown already. And because it obviously didn’t, you burry out the seeds you’ve just put there to put new ones. And you keep doing this forever, over and over again wondering why you can’t see your tomatoes and carrots yet. If you don’t let the universe do its work and have faith that what you’ve buried is going to give you a nice harvest, nothing is going to come.

People don’t want to manifest bad things. They don’t want things which are going to make their life more difficult that it is. You want to manifest something to be happy. So realize that whatever you want to manifest requires that you go up in frequency and it doesn’t matter what it is. If you are happier, you get closer to your manifestation. If you feel negative and down you get further from your manifestation.

Gratitude is important, and you need to make it a regular habit for it to show concrete results.

The routine:

1. Waking up

When you wake up, before going out of bed realize where you are. Even if you slept poorly, even if you’re waking up to go to a work you don’t like, notice and think about what you like about your life. The very fact that you’re breathing is important, if you couldn’t you would be dead.

If you have both legs move them and feel how it’s nice to know that you will have them to do whatever needs to be done during your day.

Do you know that 1/3 of the population does not have access to toilets? It’s 2.3 billions of people just like you and me. And you use it everyday feeling like it’s a normal thing. And when going out, you expect restaurants and places in general to have toilets for customers.

You have your eyes and you can see things around you. If you were blind and millionaire would you trade all of your money to get your sight back? We are all already so abundant but because the mind works for our survival it focuses itself on things which are not working and completely ignore the stuff that is in fact great and working nicely. But you take it for granted. One day it’s gone and you feel extremely uncomfortable.

The examples go on and on. Look life not from your conditioned mind but from a neutral perspective. There is a difference between « your » world and the world as it really is. Very rarely the conditions into your life are the reason for your suffering. Most of the time it’s the inner chatter going on in your head commenting your situation that is creating unnecessary suffering. Take a step back and see it for yourself.

2. Set your intention

After making a list, if you’re doing the exercice properly you’ll stop listing blessings naturally. Because you will have switched to a higher vibration state where you now realize how much blessings you have in your life and that it would take you too much time to find everything to be grateful for.

At this moment think about what you want to manifest. It is important to feel like your intention is doable. Don’t try to go at manifesting your big goals right off the bat. Start small with goals that feel realistic to you. If you try to manifest something that doesn’t seem possible your faith will go down. If on the other hand you manifest something easy for you, your faith will increase and you will be able with experience to tackle on bigger goals.

You can visualize but if you don’t feel like to, don’t do it. Define clearly your intention and what you want to happen. You could say « I intend to manifest X money before the end of the month. I’m feeling extremely grateful right now and I know I feel supported because the universe is behind my back rooting for me to get it. I will be supported and will find people, situations and experiences that are going to help me getting closer to my manifestation. »

Use any formulation that enhances your state of being even more. To the point that you are actually certain that it’s going to happen.

3. During the day

Get out of bed and consider this manifestation taken care of. During the day it will probably come back again. And some repetitive thoughts will occur creating doubt and turmoil.

Realize that this is happening and recalibrate yourself shortly by saying « I have the intention of manifesting what I want and work as already been done this morning, I can feel safe. » Quickly turn your attention to something else. The mind wants to pull you into making you « think » that it is extremely important. The mind is very seductive, so make clear in your head before going out of bed that you won’t think about it during the day.

4. Before going to sleep

Before going to bed, make the list of the things you are grateful for just like in the morning.

Even if your day was terrible and you had to face many challenges, focus on what was good. Maybe it was someone smiling at you during the day, or maybe it was a colleague paying you a coffee.

Then this time as you fall asleep, visualize what you want to get. If it’s a car imagine looking at it from the outside and inside, then driving it. If it is money visualize yourself counting money flowing into your hands or it could be seeing what you want to buy with money. If it’s a partner visualize yourself dating him or her and feeling grateful for dating someone THAT wonderful.

Use all of your senses. Some people work best with images and some with sounds while some with sensations. Try to find what works best for you. The key there is to make it as real as possible, for you to truly enjoy already having what you want.

If you do the exercice properly and if you’re not asleep already, try opening your eyes. If you feel surprised wondering where you are and why what you saw isn’t there yet you are well on your way to get it.

Naturally trusting the process

After Day 1, on Day 2 you will wake up feeling great. The best way is to fall asleep as you’re visualizing and feeling it like it’s very real. And you will feel even greater when you’ll start listing what you’re grateful for waking up from this state of your dreams already being fulfilled. If this work is done properly, if you truly look forward to waking up and going to bed so you can feel how it is to have what you want, letting go is going to happen by itself.

Why? Because you no longer crave for it to happen. You felt exactly  how it is to have what you want and in any case you know that you can just get to your bed and feel how it is to have it again. Letting go is a natural thing to occur when you are aligned with the object of your desires. If you still feel like you want it to happen, it is because you have NOT felt exactly  how you would feel as if it was there already.

To put it simply: Letting go happens when one has made the act of being vibrationally aligned to what she or he wants. Both vibrations which were then different are now one and the same. And manifestation is a thing that simply happens by itself at this stage.

The reason why this routine works is because after waking up and before going to bed is because your mind’s activity is a lot slower. It’s starting when you’re waking up and it’s slowing down before going to bed in order for you to fall asleep. Visualization should be done in a state where the mind activity is low because it is at this very moment where it’s the easiest for your conscious mind to accept new concepts and ideas but also to reach your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind takes anything that your conscious mind takes to be true. It makes no difference if it’s objectively true or false. This is the reason why humans are stuck with patterns having their roots formed in the childhood repeating themselves during adulthood.

The conscious mind starts working properly when you start turning into a teenager. If something happened and you were not able to understand it while you were a kid your unconscious mind will take your interpretations as true and won’t question it.

The unconscious mind does not think. Ever wondered why people born in poor family have a higher chance to be poor themselves? And why people born in rich families have a higher chance to follow more meaningful careers and be rich like their parents? This is pure conditioning.

But hopefully nothing is carved in stone. If you manage to see that conditioning in yourself and replace your belief system, you will create and manifest what you deeply desire to experience. If you’re life isn’t great right now, do not give up as better is on its way.

If you are overthinking before going to bed because of worrying and fear it’s not going to work. If you are worried, instead of visualizing to feel good, you will manifest because you want it to desperately happen. 

I should also tell you that this should never feel like work. Don’t feel obliged to visualize because you really need money. Because if you’re visualizing from a place of lack, visualization is probably going to maintain that state of being which is lack.

This is primarily why any visualization should be done after feeling grateful. You no longer visualize to manifest something you can’t live with, but you visualize because you have so much already and you are aware that imagining about stuff you could get is really really fun! Have fun with it.

Remember that we are vibration being. If you are manifesting for fun while feeling like you have so much already, many blessings are going to come into your life. If you are manifesting because you feel poor, many more terrible circumstances are going to make their entrance into your life.

The universe will give more to people who have a lot. And it will take away from those that have nothing already.

The universe does not think. It is aligned with your level of consciousness and thus your level of vibration. Gain awareness, gain the ability to see yourself lower than what you desire and make the habit of always looking the cup half empty. If you do this, I guarantee you that manifestations must come.

However, you must acknowledge that conditions in your life are not supposed to make you happy. They are supposed to make you more conscious of who you truly are. Don’t blindly believe that knowing how to manifest what you want on a whim is going to make life wonderful. It certainly will make your life more enjoyable because you will know that everything happens for a reason. The universe helps you to expand both materially and spiritually speaking. Challenges and difficulties are still going to happen despite having a lot of money or the work of your dream. Letting go is also realizing that whatever you want to manifest, you should never hang onto it because it is ultimately only form and nothing else. Don’t attach yourself onto it. Don’t loose yourself in the world of form thinking you can become more complete by having this or that. It won’t happen. When you know that are you already complete and already perfect now, letting go is as simple as breathing.

Peace, love to all. I wish you to manifest everything that you want. You are worthy and you deserve it, don’t let your mind and experience tell you the opposite.

Jérémy Bec

24 ans et vivant dans le sud de la France ma mission de vie m'amène naturellement à partager ce que je vis en vérité à l'intérieur avec les gens autour de moi. Sur le chemin de mon éveil spirituel, en quête de vérité intérieure j'aide les gens qui souffrent sur ce chemin d'épuration souvent douloureux pour les aider à voir que la vie a toujours été de notre côté même si nous avons toujours pensé l'inverse.

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