Hello !! Recently I’ve been facing some struggles and it’s been really hard for me to accept them. However once I did, my life turned into magic. Every problem that I was struggling with got solved on its own. I call this, the magic of acceptance.

You too can become a wizard and understand how to use this magic to turn your life from something impossible to accept or average to something wonderful.

1 The core functioning of your mind and why resistance occurs.

Within ourselves we have very rigid expectations about how life should be and of course should have been and should be tommorow, next week, next month or next year.

These expectations come from your mind which is at its core an impressive tool that solves problem. Back when the world was ramping with dangerous creatures and Mankind needed to defend itself against many different threats, the mind was extremely useful. Basically the mind scans your surroundings and checks everything that is new. It tries to find a name for it, or at least find a logical pattern behind everything that it sees.

During old times if you were to be living in the jungle and were to protect your family, it would be important to scan within what is already known, anything that is not known or looks out of place. For example it was a matter of life or death if a crocodile or a tiger was hiding in the background waiting to pounce on you to kill you. It was vital to look at your usual surroundings and see if something new was threathening or not.

Now that humanity has evolved and that we’ve managed to build safer surroundings, this natural and usual function of the mind is actually bringing you more pain than anything. Why?

Because you no longer see what’s already beautiful around you. You ignore everything that’s already known and yet beautiful because it’s not longer fulfilling from your mind’s perspective.

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

You’re always looking for that next thing. You get lost in your thoughts trying to reach a certain point in the future where you’ll finally get what you desire. The future always holds the promess of a better present. But by doing this, you’re actually killing life itself. You are killing your experience of life in a broad sense.

You live for a new thing that holds the promess of bringing you happiness. You might get it, be happy for a while then come back to thinking that your current life is « not good enough » and that you need to have more.

When you see life mostly through your mind’s eyes, what you already have is not enough but what you might have is exceptional, always.

In that sense you might find more pleasure from fulfilling your goals rather than enjoying the journey. You will be happy when you’ve finally landed on that dream job, or when you’re getting married. But shortly after, insatisfaction and pain will come back. Aaaaand you’ll be stuck wanting to get something else, again and again and again…

I finally obtained what I wanted for so long, now I can finally live and be happy.

But these moments are rather rare in our life. I’d say they make up about 5 to 10% in total of all of our experience. What happens then in 90-95%? Insatisfaction, impatience and suffering. The seeds of resistance.

This attitude is a denial of life. When you deny the present moment, you deny the only thing that truly exists in your life. There is nothing else that exists. What you call past and future are actually projections of the present in your mind, but you always think about them… now. You never live in the past or future, but always in the present.

Until you become friend with the present moment, you will suffer immensenly because you are trapped in your mind totally unaware of life itself. This is what I’m invinting you to do with this blog post.

2 Dealing with resistance and how resistances blocks abundance and happiness

So how do you deal with accepting what seems to be unacceptable in your life? How could you possibly accept being broke, having a terrible job and no friends or even a disease?

It’s actually rather simple, you simply let those things be.

And it’s important to understand that you cannot go there with your mind. You can’t say « I accept what is. » Accepting what is, is an internal state of being. You can only be in acceptance.

True acceptance comes when you no longer try to get away from your situation. It is when you let that situation be as it is, in the only place that forever exists which is now.

You don’t have to accept stories that you tell to yourself in your head nor do you need to accept past and future. Forgiving yourself for what happened in the past is done by accepting your current reality.

This is important. You don’t need to accept what happened or might happen. These are thoughts coming through your head. What you need to accept is the fact that you’re thinking about them now! Because if you don’t accept that you have a working mind which likes to go in the past and future, you will think even more!

It’s like waking up at 3o’clock in the morning and starting to think. You can’t sleep anymore, and the more you think to yourself « I shouldn’t be thinking about this now, I should be sleeping. » the less likely you can fall asleep!! If you were accepting that thoughts were coming into your mind, they would go away on their own and so do things that you can’t accept. They stay there because you keep trying to make them go away, instead of letting them come and… go.

False acceptance is saying that you accept what is, but in reality it’s a hidden form of resistance which your mind wants to use again to reach a certain point in the future because you feels uneasy with your current situations.

Remember, your mind will try to deny as much as possible the present moment. Because the past was probably better or on the contrary gives you tons of regrets (« I should have done this ».) and the future looks more satisfying because it’s in there that you can have whatever you desire.

The mind does not want to be friend with the present moment. Because as soon as you start being friend with it, your tendency to get lost in the past and future lessens and so, your tendency to think also lessens. And you don’t want to do that, because thinking is an addiction that nobody talks about. People can’t stop thinking like they can’t stop any other addiction.

Acceptance does not mean that you resign yourself to a certain outcome. If someone was to attack you with a knife, you have to accept that someone is indeed trying to kill you, and then you start doing something in order to save your life. In extreme situations which usually are life of death scenarios, you don’t have time to make a problem out of what is happening. You have to stand up, and do something because what you’re facing is something that has to be dealt with.

When you face more long term situations like financial or relationships situations. It’s a lot different. Your mind has the time to look at your situation and makes comment about it.

– You don’t have enough money, you should use the Law of attraction to be wealthier.

– I have no girlfriend, I should visualize her because I feel alone and worthless without someone caring about me.

Instead of fully accepting what your current situation is, you find yourself commenting it as a way to look further in the future where you are finally happy. But let me tell you, unless you accept your life conditions now, it will be extremely difficult for you to be happy and to manifest what you want. Why? Because you are denying life itself and coming from a place of denial, suffering and despair, you’re going to attract even more of these things you’re resisting to in your life.

The present moment is all that ever is. Maybe when you’re trying to manifest, it gives you the illusion that time really exists but it does not. This is why it’s very, very, VERY important to make the present moment a friend because being the only thing that exists, if you are unhappy now, you’ll be unhappy later (also now) and probably even more unhappy.

Why do you think successful people who used the Law of attraction tell you that you have to act as if it was here already? Why do people recommend to visualize and see, feel, hear and sense exactly if what you desired was already in your reality? Because the present being all that ever exists, if you manage to feel what you desire now, you will manifest it naturally. Because you can only experience things now.

3 Accessing the power of acceptance

For you to access to this power/magic and transform your life conditions you need from the bottom of your heart to accept 100% of what you’re facing at this moment. And again not what you faced before or what you’ll face after. And it can’t be 99,9%. Every cell of your body should say « yes » to this moment.

Maybe you are broke now. Maybe you don’t have the job you desire. Maybe you are suffering from a disease. Maybe someone just told you something really mean and you feel terrible. Whatever your situation is, accept it fully.

Trying to deny what is indeed your reality in this moment and taking actions in order to escape from them is like being a fly headbanging itself on the window hoping to go outside without realizing that you can’t break the window. Instead the door to get outside is always open. Get through the door and don’t lie to yourself by trying to evade from something you don’t like.

It’s totally normal when we are being put under uncomfortable and terrible situations to get away from them. But it’s actually bringing us more pain. Because you can’t take actions that will bring positive results that will get you out of trouble if you are turning a blind eye to something you don’t like.

Resistance and denial is wanting to escape by the backdoor. Acceptance is going through the main door  to then find the best possible actions that have to be taken.

We ALL have something in our life that if I was to ask you « what is it that if it wasn’t here you would be happy? », you would come up with one of your biggest issue. Some people often have more than one, but there’s always a bigger one than the rest.

This, that is bringing you suffering is the hidden gift to peace and happiness. If you manage to accept 100% what you are resisting to, you will never go back, trust me.

Remember that what you resist, persists. What you allow, is allowed to be and often changes for the better or go away on its own without you doing anything. It’s the miracle of acceptance.

For those of you that want to use the Law of Attraction and attract money, in this example, accepting fully that you don’t have a lot of money now will allow you to visualize money more clearly without having this resistance which follows you.

You can’t be manifesting money because you’re resisting not having enough money, ain’t gonna happen. 

It’s likely that when you’ll try to accept what seems unnacceptable to you, you’ll face a lot of resistance at first. But keep going at it. Remember that you’re not accepting it to obtain something out of it. You’re accepting it, because it’s in the nature of the universe for everything to be flowing without effort.

Trying to accept at first, will also give you the sensation that you’re going to die. The ego feeds onto resistance and it will tell you that if you don’t resist something terrible is going to happen.

What happens when you finally accept that your coworker is acting like a prick? You won’t be able to think about him/her and feel superior. You will cut your ego from one of it’s favorite meal. And when you are totally identified to your ego/mind it really looks like that accepting is the last thing you could do.

But if you make that leap of faith, and actually let those things be, a bright space of peace and love will open up and you’ll wonder why you’ve resisted all this time.

In turn everything that you want to manifest will be even easier to manifest. Manifesting is easy. If you had no resistance within you, you would manifest what you want really easily. So the more you manage to identify areas in your life which are bringing up resistance (usually you can see them when you catch yourself thinking « I don’t want ») and the more you learn to let that resistance go, the easier every manifestation will get.

Be open to life and life will be opened back to you. Close yourself from life and the more life will seem not to give you want you want. Accept things and see how things change for the better.

Peace and love to you all ! 😀

Jérémy Bec

24 ans et vivant dans le sud de la France ma mission de vie m'amène naturellement à partager ce que je vis en vérité à l'intérieur avec les gens autour de moi. Sur le chemin de mon éveil spirituel, en quête de vérité intérieure j'aide les gens qui souffrent sur ce chemin d'épuration souvent douloureux pour les aider à voir que la vie a toujours été de notre côté même si nous avons toujours pensé l'inverse.

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Jill · 21 septembre 2019 à 7 h 57 min

No question for now. I would like to thank you. Very inspiring. You helped me a lot thank you very much Jeremy.

Mia · 12 octobre 2019 à 22 h 14 min

Hi Jérémy, this is a great article! I’ve read much about the topic of acceptance, yet your article gave me some new insights.

You write that you can’t do acceptance with your mind, you can only BE in acceptance. This makes sense, however, I’m not sure how to put it into practice. Could you clarify that? If I can’t consciously decide to accept, how would I go about it then?

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